Liquitex Heavybody (Cadmium Free Range) - Product of the Month

February 20, 2018 1 min read

Liquitex Heavybody (Cadmium Free Range) - Product of the Month

Liquitex Heavybody – Cadmium Free Range - Product of the Month

Have you heard? The well-loved Liquitex Heavybody – 59ml tubes now come cadmium free. These paints were previously referred to as High Viscosity, as they have a thick consistency for art techniques.



"We’ve actually worked on this for the last three years, and believe that we’ve finally cracked the cadmium code."
Paul Lamoureux, Innovation & Development Director

List of colours available:


It’s time to only take risks in your artwork, not in the materials you’re using. Who knew the difference in colour would be so small; part of me was expecting a significant difference in vibrancy. Why? I have no idea; the lack of difference is brilliant and holds nothing but a high standard from Liquitex.
We are so pleased to be stocking this product, both in our Blackpool store and on the ArtDiscount website. This is a world first and that certainly warrants them being our product of the month, delivering the same performance and lightfastness.

This product is simply safer for you and you will not notice the difference in vibrancy compared to existing cadmium containing paints, check out the video above to see this for yourself. This new range has been artist tested, which is great to hear knowing that many artists use our site for their supplies and tools.

Colour difference

Want to know more? Including Artists Cadmium Free challenge. Click here:

If the colour you require is available in cadmium free, it would certainly be worth trying. Could this be the future of paint?

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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