KarlBox - Product of the Month

KarlBox - Product of the Month

Karl Lagerfeld x Faber-Castell

An art box with an innovative twist, this is the most unique art set you’ll be able to get your hands on. With both Karl’s brand and the Faber-Castell brand equally shining through this product, you get the perfect mixture of art and design for you to create with.

This is not just an art set; this Limited Edition KARLBOX is filled with 2500 supplies. The certificate of authenticity and the serial number plate just adds that bit of extra ‘cool.’ To turn a creative idea into reality, you need the products to do so. Karl knows that more than most of us, creating designs for his self-named brand and for Chanel. Haute Couture starts off with a simple drawing and expands into a runway garment. What could you make come to life using these Faber-Castell supplies?


Are you ready for the product list? Courtesy of Faber-Castell website, you won’t find this in your average art product description.

120 ALBRECHT DÜRER ARTISTS’ WATERCOLOUR PENCILS Fully water soluble, unsurpassed lightfastness and colour brilliance 60 POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS’ COLOUR PENCILS Smooth, intense colour laydown and outstanding lightfastness 60 POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS’ PASTELS Highly pigmented pastels for details and shading of larger areas 60 PITT ARTIST PENS BRUSH Lightfast India ink pen with flexible brush nib 13 PITT ARTIST PENS FINELINER Lightfast India ink pen for detailed drawings 3 PITT ARTIST PENS METALLIC Lightfast India ink pen with high opacity even on dark paper 12 CASTELL 9000 The classic graphite pencil for writing, drawing and sketching 5 CASTELL 9000 JUMBO Extra thick 5.3 mm graphite lead for quick sketches 5 GRAPHITE AQUARELLE PENCILS For preliminary sketches and watercolour painting 4 PITT GRAPHITE CRAYONS Rich and intense graphite laydown for large-scale work 1 WATERCOLOUR BRUSH French workmanship with high fibre density for perfect water absorption 1 DUALSHARPENING BOX CASTELL 9000 Titanium plated jumbo knife for better sharpening performance 1 DUAL METAL SHARPENER For colour pencils 1 KNEADABLE ART ERASER To correct or lighten charcoal and pastel works 1 ART ERASER DUST-FREEFor non smudging, clean and soft erasing 1 SHARPENING KNIFE For graphic corrections and the sharpening of artists’ pencils 1 SANDPAPER BLOCK Fine and coarse-grained sandpaper for delicate sharpening functions 1 CLIC&GO WATERCUP Practical folding mechanism for storage and transport.”

Faber-Castell KARLBOX from Faber-Castell AG on Vimeo.

Without designers such as Karl Lagerfeld we wouldn’t be aware of the power of creation, figures like him have created a huge impact on the art world and have inspired people to design, paint and illustrate. Just looking at the images of his box makes me want to draw!

Blue pencils

The KARLBOX is perfectly organised into draws of particular colours, making it easy to quickly grab the shade to finalise your piece. The box contains 350 drawing instruments, making it extremely valuable. Don’t be too scared to sharpen a pencil, this set is meant to be used, although it is worth £2500. That might seem steep, however it is great value for money. Think about how many products you’ll be receiving, you won’t have to buy a single pencil or pen for the foreseeable future. 

Items also available individually.

Pink pencils

To me the KARLBOX is flawless, every drawer and each PITT pen placement has been thought about. It makes me think about how one of Karl’s garments is put together, the time, thought and effort that goes into art creation is something special.

The KARLBOX is exceptional, to add this to your art studio would be incredible. With these tools at hand, let the creation begin…
Purchase yours now on the ArtDiscount website. 



Karl drawing

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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