Introducing the Art Essentials Watercolour Artists Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces

Introducing the Art Essentials Watercolour Artists Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces

Introducing this exciting new product as part of our ART Essential Artist tool kit!

Art Essentials Watercolour Artists Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces

This entry level set of value watercolour brush pens is perfect for beginners, crafters, journal artists, calligraphy artists, illustrators, the young and more experienced students of art.

Versatile pens that feature a synthetic bristle brush tip similar to a paint brush and can be used for precise controlled work or expressive free flowing brush marks. They make for an ideal introductory set to discover new and exciting techniques and creative colour palettes, use them for quick illustrations, then sketch and wash, use for expressive brush calligraphy and mixed media techniques.

This set contains 48 watercolour brush pens and 2 refillable Water Brush pens in a plastic case.

Work on dry paper for a precise application or on damp watercolour paper for more free flowing style. These pens can be used just like normal watercolour paints, but in a portable, easy brush form! This brush won’t need too much loading as the inks will flow freely.

Introducing the Art Essentials Watercolour Brush Pen set of 50 Pieces

Use straight from the brush for fully saturated, vivid and rich colour, or use the water brushes provided in the kit to create seamless transitions; gradients of fully saturated colour moving through into translucent wash. There are many traditional watercolour techniques compatible with these watercolour brush pens, lifting techniques with a brush or tissue to create texture, dotting water onto dry colour to create blooms. These colours have great staining qualities also. Great blending capabilities either on the palette or on the paper, or layer up your colours using glazing technique. 

Masking fluid is also perfect to use for those fine highlights and detail with our ARTdiscount Essential Artists Brush Pen set of water-based inks. Here's the link to our own brand - ARTdiscount Masking Fluid.

These beautiful ink rich colours will sing off the paper, but make sure you use the right paper! Some watercolour papers will dull these beautiful hues while the right papers will allow them to shine.

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Ellie Jakeman
Ellie Jakeman

I have had a strong interest in the visual and creative arts since a very early age. I completed with great success ‘A’ level Fine Art, Textile and Embroidery City and Guilds, Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, (BA hons) Degree in Embroidery and Textiles from Manchester Metropolitan University and a PGCE from the University of Huddersfield. I have taught Art and Design, Fashion and Textiles, Textile design and Fine Art print and Illustration for over 20 years. I have also instigated and program managed many projects for the local community. Before teaching I was a freelance artist and illustrator and decided 4 years ago I would return to freelance and commissioned work. I have created many domestic and commercial murals for hospitals and hospices. I work part time for Artdiscount as a content creator and product tester.

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