Inktober 2019

September 20, 2019 1 min read

Inktober 2019

31 Drawings in 31 days


Inktober has become a worldwide event particularly across social media. Can you draw every day for 31 days throughout October?

There's one rule: use ink

An official prompt list is launched each year to help inspire your daily drawings.  See how a month of drawing could benefit you. If you're daunted by the full monthly challenge, join for a stint, draw every other day or even once a week, encourage your friends to take part in Inktober as a larger drawing community.

Founded 10 years ago by American illustrator 
Jake Parker, Inktober began in an effort to improve his own drawings and develop a stronger working practice. Inktober is about a traditional hand drawn approach; aiming to get back to basics, for all artists to better themselves, and to have fun.

Ink is not restrictive, this could be a biro at your desk, artist fine liner pens and ink washes on the go. Use markers or flowing dip pens, choose an ink medium which suits your style.

The whole team at ARTdiscount are taking part, keep a look out, we will post these online as we go. Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up and pen and start drawing.

Don't forget to upload your daily masterpiece on Instagram toousing the #inktober2019 tags above and give us a mention #artdiscountofficial #colouringthenation

Larissa Gill
Larissa Gill

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