Inktober is a fast-growing art event, especially noticeable if you're on Instagram,capturing a creative online following on social media. Simply use ink to draw throughout the whole of October.

Founded in 2009 by American illustrator Jake Parker, Inktober began in an effort to improve his own drawings and develop a stronger working practice, which now encourages others to better themselves by drawing daily and to have fun.

The official prompt list above can guide you through 31 days of ink drawings, with many light-hearted fan made prompts around too. You can interpret Inktober to fit in with your own art style, many doodles hint at pop culture references or Halloween. Our staff enjoyed taking part last year. There's even follow up events such as DrawDinovember; yep 30 days of drawing dinosaurs!

                                                                 Gareth Monger Day 28 'Slide' from DrawDinovember 2017.
                                     An inexperienced Velociraptor finds itself helped down a sand dune by a Protoceratops.

                                                                    Rob Sanderson Day 10 'Gigantic' from 2017 Inktober prompt.
                                                                    Using Staedtler Pigment liner for detail in a variety of nib sizes.

Time to top up your inks,grab yourself a fine liner, a go to drawing aid such as a Copic Multiliner.
Pentel pocket brush pens give a powerful yet smooth line from the brush tip or if you like free flowing movement you can apply Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink with a brush. Finally try Uni Posca Markers offer vibrant matt ink for drawing and colouring on all surfaces.

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Cover Image: Cyberman Inktober 2017 Gareth Monger.