Giotto Fabric Paint Markers - Product of the Month

July 11, 2018 2 min read

Giotto Fabric Paint Markers - Product of the Month

This month we’re focusing on something a little different, Giotto Fabric Paint Markers. These are fun for everyone, from students to anyone working in textiles. They remind me of when I had a Doodle Bear as a child that you could draw all over then place in the washing machine after for a fresh start! Endless fun.

 As someone who took Fashion at school I know how convenient these would have been to get designs onto fabric, they could be used to create templates for sewing over. Although they can be used for the simple purpose of making your plain t-shirts and shoes look vibrant and colourful, they’re handy to have around too.

This Giotto set is new in and we’ve had a great response so far, they are suitable for use on most natural and man-made fabrics. Once you’ve perfected your fabric design, simply fix it in place by using an iron.

Are these suitable for your child?

It is advised that no one under the age of 3 uses these fibre pens; anyone over 3 years old can make lots of fabricy mess!

We’ve tested these pens out ourselves and they’re very easy to use, the brush nib glides across fabric. I advise holding the item you’re drawing onto in place securely, that way you avoid any slips of the pen. The 12 colours are vivid and energetic, with one stroke you will get an even layer of colour.

The Giotto Fabric Paint Markers are water-based, non-toxic and safe. With the special fixed brush tip, you will be decorating bags, shoes and t-shirts with ease.

You can find this product on ARTdiscount online and in the Blackpool Granthams store.

For any more information on this product, please use our online chat feature.

Have fun!

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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