Faber-Castell Gelatos - Product of the Month

August 01, 2018 2 min read

Faber-Castell Gelatos - Product of the Month

Faber-Castell Gelatos

You may not of heard of this product, as nothing is quite like it on the market today. These pigment sticks glide on surfaces, giving a creamy smooth texture. The colours are vibrant and the coverage is impeccable.

Add water to the Gelato colour once it’s on paper and blend the colours into each other, giving a seamless finish. This medium is permanent and can be used on a variety of surfaces that can also be purchased through the ARTdiscount website, such as paper and canvas. You could also experiment with fabrics, ribbon and wood. Gelato sticks are highly versatile and make experimenting easy.

What else can the Faber-Castell Gelatos do?! They can tint other mediums too, for example you could tint Gesso into your desired shade.

We have Gelatos available in several different sets, from a Mix & Match set, to a Pastel set; they come in metallic shades as well!

Each set comes with 12 shades, a water brush and two sponges. They’re sold at the price of £18.95.

Here’s a little break down:

  • Water-soluble
  • Acid-free
  • Odourless
  • Mix easily to form liquids
  • Can be applied to paper, fabric, canvas and wood
  • Ideal for use with stamps
  • 12 colour tones in a set with water brush and accessories

The sponges are great for lightly blending the colours into each other, giving a watercolour affect without diluting the colour too much.

If you know anyone artistic, these are a great gift. The set stands out on our shelves and intrigues people. Why not treat someone close to you or purchase a Gelato set to experiment with! We also have a Gelato gift set, this is described as "A perfect gift for any occasion! Dole 2 is the second 33 ct. Gelatos® Set released by Design Memory Craft." 

It includes 28 shades, a palette knife and stamps. That would keep you stocked up for a long time!

Colours included:

Squid Ink, Aqua Dolce, Blood Orange, Banana, Snow Cone, Margarita Mix, Raspberry, Watermelon, Black Cherry, Iced Chai, Cinnamon, Iced Coffee, Caramel, Kiwi, Fig, Elderberry, Strawberry, Iced Currant, Iced Rose, Metallic Icing, Iced Pear, Orange Soda, Passion Fruit, Limoncello, Coconut, Black Liquorice, Champagne, Silver Ice + 3 Stamps, Palette Knife and Paintbrush.


If you have any questions about this product, please don’t hesitate to use our online chat feature.


Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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