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February 07, 2018 1 min read

Derwent Art Prize 2018

If 2D and 3D art is your thing, this isn’t a competition to miss. With £12,500 worth of prizes up for grabs, whatever your capability it would be worth giving it a go. Pick up your Derwent supplies through ArtDiscount and enter now.

This competition is for pencil artists in particular, since 2012 Derwent have been creating pencils for artists and hobbyists, allowing your ideas to come to life on paper. With the display being held at Mall Galleries in London and an awards evening, this is sure to be something special.

This competition is open to British and International artists, which makes it even better. It is believed that over 7000 people have entered in the past, now is your time to join them. 
In September 2018 you could be chosen to hang your work in a London public display.

If London isn’t already a brilliant place to show off your artwork, your work will then go off on a little tour of it’s own. The exhibition continues throughout the UK and your work will need to be available for this until 31st January 2019.

The selectors are a very artistic bunch and know what they’re looking at, with art writers, print creators and artists you will certainly get the best form of judging with varied opinions.

Prizes? First prize starts at £6,000 and goes down to the Coloured Pencil Award for Excellence where you could win £500.

For more details and the submission procedure please head to:

All further information you could need will be found at the above link. 

Derwent Art Prize

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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