Christmas Gifts: Top 5 Products of the Month.

Christmas Gifts: Top 5 Products of the Month.

As Christmas approaches, we get excited and start to feel festive as we see tinsel being hung up and children queuing to meet Santa. However, behind the scenes there can be some worry surrounding buying the perfect gift for friends or loved ones. As I’m sure you’re aware, this blog is going to be art based. I may be biased but I believe we have something for everyone, you don’t have to be a huge art lover to enjoy a lovely set of pens and any child would be lucky to receive a colourful art set. In this blog I’m going to break down my top 5 art gifts in our Christmas section this year! I hope you find some inspiration and pick up a great deal.

Gift 1:

Daler-Rowney Complete Art Studio Set with Easel - (150 Pieces)


R.R.P. £89.00

This set is a fantastic gift, one for everyone! This set contains 150 pieces and includes a carry case to keep everything organised. If you’re travelling or are a student, this will provide you with everything you need and more. It contains a sturdy table easel, a 16 x 20" stretched canvas, oil pastels, drawing sheets, acrylic paints, and watercolour half-pans, this 150 piece art set will no-doubt inspire a huge amount of interesting artwork.  Perfect for use at school, home, or education, this complete art set, with storage box and colour mixing guide, is sure to win over any artist.


Gift 2: 

Winsor & Newton Artists Water Colour Tube Bamboo Box Set


R.R.P. £99.99

How could I not include something water colour based in my top 5! This Water Colour Bamboo Set is a huge seller at ARTdiscount. As the box provides you with a lovely mix of colours and the supplies you need to create the perfect wintery snow scene. The set comes with 12 Professional Quality 5ml water colour paint tubes, that’s a great amount to start off with! If you’re already a budding artist, this is ideal for carrying around to classes or for plein air painting.


2 x Winsor & Newton Artists' Sable Brushes (1x Round No.0 and 1 x Round No.4)

12 x Professional Artists' Water Colour 5ml Tubes

1 x A5 Artists Watercolour Paper Pad (140 lb - NOT surface

1 x Graphite Sketching Pencil

1 x Putty Rubber

1 x Natural Sponge

1 x Cotton Cleaning Towel


Gift 3:

Derwent Lightfast Pencils - Tins

Prices start at: £25.99

R.R.P. £34.99

Derwent’s Lightfast Pencils are relatively new to the market, they've been formulated to be 100% lightfast. This is a huge deal as this means your artwork won’t fade for up to 100 years. It's smooth oil base creates a rich vibrancy and can be mixed on the page to create a paint-like effect. Discover this range of colours which are compatible with alternative mediums and pencils. All colours are professional quality and comply with international lightfast testing standards. When using these pencils the main thing that stood out to me was the strong point and rich colour, you don’t need to layer your colours for these pencil shades to pop this Christmas.

Contents in the tin of 12:

Sun Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Sandstone, Salmon, Scarlet, Violet, Mid Ultramarine, Mallard Green, Natural Brown, Brown Ochre, Black and White.


Gift 4: 

COPIC Ciao Marker Set of 72 Colours Set A


R.R.P. £340.00

If you have a budding artist in the making these are ideal, in Set A you get 72 stunning colours to choose from. The Copic Makers offer a smooth tip and every pen is double ended. You have a medium broad tip and and a brush nib. You can use these for a variety of purposes, I’ve been using them this week to add colour to some handmade Christmas cards! My favourite thing about these markers is that they blend together, you can layer the colours on top of each other and they won’t bleed into each other. The Ciao markers are alcohol based, meaning they are non-toxic. If you’re colouring a small piece in with these markers, you’ll be pleased to know they dry very quickly meaning your work won’t be smudged. (Refills can be bought for these pens, making then very economical) Love a particular colour? We sell them as individuals as well.


B39, E00, E02, E04, E08, E21, E29, E33, E35, E37, E47, E51, C-1, C-3, C-5, C-7, 0, 100, G00, G02, G05, G17, G21, G99, BG01, BG09, BG10, BG15, BG23, BG93, B00, B05, B23, B24, B29, B32, R29, R32, R59, YR00, YR02, YR04, YR07, YR20, Y00, Y02, Y06, Y08, Y17, YG03, YG06, YG11, YG41, YG67, BV00, BV02, BV04, BV08, V04, V09, V12, RV02, RV04, RV10, RV21, RV23, RV29, RV42, R02, R20, R27


Gift 5: 

Linex Student Saver Drawing Board Bundle


R.R.P. £82.78

One for the students! When I was in college, my drawing board was my best friend. It allows you to draw anywhere in the house. You can sit on your sofa and draw with a solid surface! Doesn’t that sound perfect? For me, although I had a desk I didn’t like to sit in the same place all the time. This set provides you with all the tools you’ll need for precision drawing, perfect for any Design student.


1 x A3 Linex "Solid" Drawing board with canvas carry bag

1 x 60 degree Set Square

1 x 45 degree Set Square

1 x 0.5mm mechanical pencil

1 x Spring Bow compass with pen attachment

1 x 40cm Ruler

1 x Eraser

I hope this blog has inspired your gift shopping or has even given you an idea of what you’d like for Christmas! ARTdiscount offers great prices all year round but we’ve added some extra special discounts for you to enjoy over the Christmas period. Make the most of them and enjoy treating your loved ones. Don’t forget, hand making something is extra special!

Elk enjoying the snow in Canmore, Alberta. - Taken by Jessie Crook, Nov 2018.

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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