ARTdiscount Premium Canvas - Product of the Month

ARTdiscount Premium Canvas - Product of the Month

Discover our own brand, ARTdiscount focus' on creating high quality products at a low and affordable price. Our low prices allow you to experiment, whether you're an amateur or a full time artist you don't want materials to set you back too much. 

Our own brand premium canvas' come in packs, so you always have a spare. We have a huge variety of sizes too, and two variations being standard and deep edge. Don't forget that we have own brand brushes and paints too, so never feel like you can't create at an affordable price. 

Our canvas' are made in Europe especially for ARTdiscount, we have them made by the world's leading fine art manufacturers. How and where our products are made is important to us. We want you to be amazed by the quality of our products and feel inspired to pick up your art materials more often and have some time out. 

The ARTdiscount canvas' are triple primed, meaning they reduce absorption. Unwrap your canvas, dab your brush in some paint and you're ready to go.

The canvas is wrapped around panels of wood securely, leaving clean edges and a flat surface for artwork. We also supply you with heavyweight pine stretcher bars for strength and stability, simply place these in the back of your canvas. They fit perfectly into the corners, keeping the canvas stretched as tight as possible. 

As well as this, they are hand stretched. The tension on the canvas is fantastic, I've used the ARTdiscount canvas' several times and the warp resistance is clear. 

We're always thinking of the planet too, meaning the timber we choose to use is from sustainable forests.  

Standard canvas depth: 20mm

Deep edge canvas depth: 38mm 

Standard sizes start at 12 x 10" and go up to 40 x 30".

Deep edge sizes start at 10 x 10" and go up to 40 x 40".


Prices may vary if you're outside of the UK mainland, please call us for delivery costs or availability. Send us an e-mail for bulk quantity prices.

01253 624402. 

Our ARTdiscount branded products are aimed at students and artists, whether oil paint or acrylic is your chosen medium. At ARTdiscount we don't recommend you use watercolour paint, gouache or other water based products on canvas. Although we do provide a variety of paper options for watercolour, gouache and ink. Oil and Acrylic glides across these canvas' smoothly and give the desired finish we aim for. 

Enjoy! Please leave us a review if you choose to purchase, we love to hear your thoughts. 



Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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