New: ARTdiscount Brushes

May 06, 2020 1 min read

New: ARTdiscount Brushes

ARTdiscount are expanding our own branded brush range. Look below to see what we've added to our collection:

Artists Value Ivory Taklon

This range is designed with the acrylic painter in mind. These brushes contain a mix of firm synthetic filaments which give the brushes both spring and strength. They also provide a natural feel and superb control when in use. 

Taklon aims to mimic the characteristics of natural sable, and are a suitable alternative, as they are softer than nylon brushes.

Ivory Taklon is also suitable for oil painters who desire a similar strength to that of a bristle brush, but give a sharper and more precise working edge or tip.

Available in filbert, flat and round profiles as individuals or multipacks.


Artists Value Profile

These are the ultimate synthetic watercolour brushes. Crafted from a blend of differing hair diameters, they give a combination of colour holding, precision and endurance. Ranging from a 4/0 to a size 24 in round and 1/8” to 2” in flat, it is the most comprehensive range in the Artist’s Value series.  Here, you are sure to find a suitable size for your purpose!

Available in round and flat profiles as individuals or multipacks.


To view our whole ARTdiscount brush range, click here.

Sean Keogh
Sean Keogh

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