Art under the influence?

December 15, 2017 2 min read

Art under the influence?

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new artist trend emerging called 'Sip and Paint.' Is this the new version of Drink and Draw?

I’ve become very intrigued as to how alcohol could improve a paint workshop. My first thoughts are if you’re lacking a little artistic confidence, a tipple may give you the edge you need to create a masterpiece. These classes have now been held all over the world with a mixture of responses, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong are just a few of the places that have enjoyed a drink whilst painting so far. These classes (hosted by Paint Nite) aren’t to be taken seriously, they’re meant to be light hearted and fun. Although if you’re looking for a standard art class to quietly learn and improve, look elsewhere.

Interpret the class as you wish and if you enjoy music, it will be highly enjoyable. As the music blasts, wine is poured and paint brushes sweep across canvas, you could be creating something to hang on your wall. This idea came about as people are wanting to spend less on materialistic items and more so on experiences and moments. Being a millennial myself I completely understand this, the idea of an art class with a twist sounds like a great way to get involved with friends. 

Prices vary from class to class and sometimes your drink is included in the price, if you find one coming up near you it might be worth an enquiry. Having a creative idea and bringing it to life without the anxiety of perfection and it could be beneficial to your stress levels too! The advantages of a glass or two could have you exhibiting your work in the near future, who knows!

What are your thoughts? You can now find classes in the North in Manchester, there are 30-40 classes held each month and there are plans to expand to further places. Don’t worry, this isn’t a place to get drunk. Alcohol may help with confidence building and being less critical of yourself and others work, this is about embracing the piece you have formed and socialising with no pressure.

Paint Nite was the second fastest growing company in the US in 2016. 
I know I’d like to try a class with a glass! Will you be attending the next class near you?

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Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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