Art Night 2019

June 12, 2019 2 min read

Art Night 2019

"Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary art festival. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and/or independent curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art.

Art Night 2019 is curated by Helen Nisbet and takes place in Walthamstow and King’s Cross on 22 June with a small selection of projects open for the Family Trail on 23 June. The Art Night Open is a selection of over 40 independently curated projects selected through an open call.

Curated by Helen Nisbet with Associate Curators Amy Budd and Laura McFarlane. The Curated Programme takes inspiration from London pop group East 17’s 1993 song It’s Alright."

Don't you worry, cos it's alright, don't you worry, child of the night

ARTdiscount are proud sponsors of Art Night this year, supplying the charity with Montana spray cans and colourful papers for a range of creations to be made. We hope to head down to the event and see what it's all about, they're expecting around 75,000 visitors. We expect the atmosphere to be full of creativity, if you're around the London area there will be no better place to be on a Saturday night. There will certainly be a lot to look at and a huge amount of entertainment. 

"Art Night 2019 will occupy places people are brought together in everyday life – the market, cinema, pub, community centre, library, shopping mall, museum, car park, school, places of worship and the street.

Consisting of 12 major commissions, the Curated Programme has been conceived in response to the physical context of these sites and the communities who use them. Each artist was invited to consider Hope, Love and The Future and the ideas these words conjure, imagining how we might care for and support each other amidst a time of political and cultural uncertainty."

For more information and to find out more about the charity Art Night, head to their website. 
Art Night is a registered charity no. 1164449 under the name ArtCity Nights.

Jessie Crook
Jessie Crook

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