50 Innovative, Interesting and Helpful Gift Ideas for Artists

50 Innovative, Interesting and Helpful Gift Ideas for Artists

It can be a little tricky finding the right gift for someone but we hope with this article we can give you some ideas for some interesting and innovative gifts for a fellow artist.

  1. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen 
    The pentel pocket brush is a compact and powerful drawing tool that delivers incredible coverage with a broad range of thick and fine brush markers. Brilliant for illustrators and sketchbookers. It even comes with 2 refills for even more use.
  2. Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set 
    If you are looking for a whole palette of punchy vibrant colour that will not take up too much space in a pocket or pencil case The Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Sets are just the thing. 12 solid Inktense paint pans with a carry case with integrated palette and a refillable waterbrush pen, instant intense colour whenever you need it.

  3. Sakura Quickie Glue Pen 3pk 
    The quickie Glue Pen is a fine point ball-point pen with a clear drying glue instead of ink. This makes it a fantastic choice for any crafts-person or card maker as a swift and clean way of laying down precise patches of glue for sequins, glitter and foil leafing.

  4. Faber-Castell Clic & Go Water Pot 
    This particularly useful little pot is made of a hard-wearing rubber. Great as a water pot for when you are on the go or as a cup for pencil shavings and anything else you can think of. Versatile, useful and robust, the perfect additional to any pencil case

  5. Liquitex Primary Colours Pouring Set 
    Know someone who keeps saying “Acrylic pouring art looks interesting but I don’t know where to start” then look no further than this intuitive starter set. Including 3 acrylic inks in vibrant primary colours and the pouring medium in a bottle, this is the best way to introduce an art-curious person to the acrylic pour technique.

  6. Bob Ross Master Set 
    The quintessential primer for looking to expand their horizons into the art of happy little accidents. The set contains a comprehensive selection of paints and materials required to start painting in Bob Ross’ preferred ‘wet-on-wet’ style and makes for a fantastic gift.

  7. The Bob Ross Basic Set 
    The little brother of the Bob Ross Master Set, this basic set features the essential paints and tools required to get painting in the ala prima or ‘wet-on-wet’ style Bob Ross taught. A fantastic way of testing the water for oil painting without jumping in at the deep end.

  8. Bob Ross Cleaning Bucket & Brush Screen 
    Cleaning brushes can be an annoying distraction from painting and sometimes working all the paint out of a brush is trickier than it seems. This bucket snuggly fits the vinyl clad cleaning screen which works paint out of brushes swiftly and easily, simply fill it with an appropriate cleaner for the paint you are working with and rinsing will never be simpler.

  9. Master’s Brush Cleaner 
    Hands down one of the best brush cleaning products on the market today as it makes short work of cleaning even stubborn paint out of brushes. Acrylic, oil or watercolour the Master’s Brush Cleaner never goes amiss.

  10. Master’s Hand Soap  
    Painting can be a messy affair at times and we are most likely going to get our hands covered in one thing or another but the Master’s Hand Soap works out everything from oil paint to spray paint and even axle grease. This bar of soap can even be used to clean brushes in a pinch and has a pleasant mint scent.

  11. Frisk Yupo Artboards 
    Yupo is an ultra-smooth gloss synthetic paper which is non-buckling and non-absorbent. It is a great surface to try out techniques on such as watercolour and alcohol inks for highly vibrant and fluid looking results.

  12. Instructional Books 
    Having the tools is one thing but knowing how to use them is another thing entirely. If you know someone who has started off on their artistic journey then a good instructional book can be just the thing to help them focus their enthusiasm and hone their skills. We have books concerning everything from pastel painting to life drawing.

  13. Pro Arte Midas Touch Retractable Brush Set 
    Do you know a watercolour artist who is always on the move and likes to capture their thoughts and ideas in the moment, then this brush set is the perfect gift. The Midas Touch brush set features 3 Prolene Plus brushes which handle watercolour beautifully and fold away into a rugged and portable pouch.

  14. Faber-Castell Pencil Roll 
    A superb companion for the travelling artist this artificial leather pencil wrap will comfortably house up to 45 pencils as well as other tools like pens and small sized brushes.

  15. Frisk Bamboo Brush & Pencil box 
    Lightweight, economically priced and eco-friendly, this sliding lid storage box is the perfect place to keep brushes and pencils safe and tidy between uses and during trips.

  16. Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil 
    A brilliant addition to any pencil case, this precision hard eraser pencil is perfectly suited to correcting small mistakes and working into graphite and charcoal work. The brush helps to dust away shavings without smudging the work with a finger.

  17. Derwent USB Rechargeable Eraser 
    Precise and easy to use, this latest iteration of the electric eraser allows you to quickly fix mistakes. The usb charging cable means there is no more faffing around with batteries, simply charge and go and the compact size makes it great for travelling sketchbook artists.

  18. Faber-Castell Dust Free Eraser  
    Another fantastic addition and great little gift or stocking filler. This dust free eraser is made of a soft plastic which is easy on paper surfaces and which has waste shavings that clump together rather than creating dust or a powder residue.

  19. Mona Lisa Calligraphy Set
    A thoughtful gift for a calligrapher, the ‘Mona Lisa’ set contains an array of pens, handles and nibs suitable for traditional calligraphy techniques. Create beautiful lettering and sweeping script.

  20. Manuscript Sealing Wax Set 
    Another thoughtful and unique gift to give someone is this set of brass stamps and sealing wax. With this set you can seal letters in the traditional way with a wax imprint which makes for a creative personal touch.

  21. Manuscript Roundhand Set 
    This beautifully presented calligraphy set makes for a wonderful gift idea for an avid calligrapher or someone looking to dip their toe in the pond of letter writing. The set features a dip pen handle and a selection of round hand style nibs, all included in a lovely wooden box.

  22. Manuscript Calli-Creative Duotip Markers 
    This is an excellent set for a young or budding calligrapher, simple to use twin tipped chisel tipped pens for creating calligraphy letters. The set contains 20 colours which lets you add a wonderful splash of colour swift to your calligraphy.

  23. Venetian Glass Calligraphy Pen Set 
    a truly unique gift for both calligraphers and ink artists alike, this elegant glass dip-pen with its baroque stylings is both a beautiful and practical gift for someone who loves to work with ink.

  24. Yono Metallic Marker set of 4
    Treat a calligrapher, sketchbooker or just about anyone with this lovely set of 4 highly pigmented metallic paint pens. Suitable for use on almost any surface, they give a precise and controlled flash of bright metallic colour to your work.

  25. Sennelier Set of 3 Blending Brushes 
    A set of 3 pony hair blending brushes suitable for both dry and oil pastels. An amazing addition to the toolbox of any pastel painter. They allow for smooth mess free blends and keep your hands from getting covered in pastel.

  26. Cretacolor Silver Selection Graphite Wooden Box 
    This 17-piece box set is a superb gift for artists who favour pencils and graphite. It offers a comprehensive selection of pencils, solid graphite blocks and additional tools to create a myriad of marks, tones and shades.

  27. Brian Clegg Marbling Ink Set
    Marbling is a unique and rewarding activity and no two sheets of marbled paper will ever be the same. This set makes for an engaging gift and can be a great group activity.

  28. Candle-making Craft Kit 
    A great gift for a friend or family member who you think would have some fun making their own candles. The kit provides all the essentials for creating coloured and scented candles in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  29. Craft Compendium 
    An excellent gift for getting a foot in the door for someone who’s always wanted to give arts & crafts a shot but never knew where to start. Offering everything from card making to glass painting, this eclectic collection of craft projects will get anyone engaged and inspired to create.

  30. Das Idea Mix 
    If you have a friend who enjoys working with clay to make sculptures or pottery then DAS Idea Mix is the perfect way to add another product to play with to their collection.

  31. Decoupage Piggy Bank Kit 
    This craft kit contained both a fund and creative project and a lesson in saving money. This set contains brushes, paper and glue for making a collage decorated piggy bank and served as a great gift and project for a young crafter.

  32. Pentel Fabricfun Textile Pastels 
    A super stocking filler or a nice treat for a crafty person. These pastels are designed to work best with light coloured fabric and can be heat sealed with an iron or washed out if not sealed.

  33. Creativity for Kids Magic Bean Garden 
    Another unique project for younger crafters. This set contains all the essential items required to grow a magic bean plant with accompanying paints for decorating the included plant pot.

  34. Dr. Ph. Matrins Watercolour Dye Sets 
    These sets make for a fabulous gift for someone special who adores inks and watercolour. These sets contain some of the most intense and highly concentrated watercolours around that make gorgeous washes and blends.

  35. Staedtler Fimo Kids Form & Play sets 
    Staedtler Fimo Kids set have young creative types in mind and are suited well for a young audience. With a section of sets to interest near any child with instructions and simply yet rewarding projects for making a variety of animals, robots and monsters.

  36. Glass Painting Diffuser Kit 
    Creativity and lifestyle come together with this excellent craft project box, just the thing for someone you know who likes to really make their living space theirs. The set contains glass bottles, paints and diffuser sticks to make your very own aromatic diffusers.

  37. Faber-Castell Polychromos Wooden Case 
    The polychromos pencil is a love letter to artists who demand the highest quality from their coloured pencils and the Polychromos Wooden Box set is the kind of gift that would make any artist’s year. Featuring a magnificent selection of some of the best colour pencils on the market all featured in a sleek 2 tier wooden carry case.

  38. Derwent Academy Wooden Box Set 
    A superb value box set for young and beginner artists. The Academy wood box is an excellent starting point and features a comprehensive selection of coloured and graphite pencils and a cartridge paper pad to draw on.

  39. Pebeo 4 Artists Metallic Marker set 
    Paint marker pens with a twist, these fantastic metallic pens contain a highly pigmented and durable oil based paint meaning that they are hard wearing, waterproof and indelible. Fantastic for street artists who need pens that will write on nearly anything.

  40. Royal & Langnickel Art Cargo Carry Bag 
    Artists often have a lot of kit to cart about with them so an Art Cargo carry bag is the perfect companion for the roving artist. With a host of pockets and pouches with elasticated sections for holding tools, pads and paints it is suitable for artists of any age.

  41. Derwent Carry All 
    More than just a simple pencil case the Derwent Carry All is a robust carry bag for storing, transporting and organising up to 132 pencils. Not only that but the Carry All features space enough for a variety of additional tools, sharpeners, paper stumps and dimensions to fit an A5 sketchbook or pad.

  42. Derwent Technique Brushes 
    Sometimes you need a brush that is just a little usual to accomplish the task at hand and this set of brushes will cover all the bases in that regard. This set of 6 technique brushes create all manner of different textures and brush marks from large sweeping strokes to scratchy slashes of colour.

  43. Jakar Solid Pattern Ruling Pen
    The Jakar Ruling Pen is a traditional architects and draft tool for creating precise consistent lines and can be adjusted for a variety of widths. These pens are great for using with masking fluid as well as they won’t jam and can be easily cleaned.

  44. Frisk Ultra Grip A3 Drawing Broad 
    Lightweight with a carry handle that doubles as a stand, this is a highly versatile drawing board for artists on the go and at home. The underside features two runners with notches for hooking onto the edge of a table which allows you to work comfortably with the drawing board as a selection of angles.

  45. FW Mixed Media Markers 
    Fw mixed media markers are a wonderfully versatile addition to any artist's pencil case and give you the option to pick and choose the colours and mediums you want to draw with. Refillable and suitable for inks, watercolour and even fluid acrylic, great for illustrators, designers and street artists alike.

  46. Mijello Artelier Airtight Palette 
    A good palette is useful, indispensable in fact, but an airtight palette is even better. Mijello’s airtight palette features an airtight seal surrounding the rim of its two halves which keeps acrylic and oil paints usable in between painting sessions.

  47. Frisk Buddy Cup Palette 
    The Buddy Cup Palette is a really thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys working with lets of different colours or enjoys mixing their own. Each pot has a popcap lid and the central element features 2 slanted well areas.

  48. Atelier Interactive Stay Wet Palette 
    Acrylic paint is great to work with, it thins with water, is highly versatile and mixes with a lot of mediums and dries quickly and yet the problem with acrylic paint is that it dries quickly, sometimes too quickly. This can be solved however with a wet palette which makes life all the easier, extending the working time of your acrylics be slowing the drying time.

  49. Pocket Sized Portable Painter 
    Around the size of the smartphone in a case the Portable Painter is a pocket sized palette and workstation for watercolour half pans. It sets up and sets down quickly and features space enough for 12 half pants as well as coming with a twin tipped taklon brush.

  50. Mijello Fusion 18 Folding Watercolour Palette 
    The Fusion Watercolour Palette is a superb gift  for a watercolour enthusiast. The palette has an airtight seal which keeps watercolour paints from drying out between uses and is designed with a number of wells for colours and mixing. A plastic lid keeps both halves separate when not in us.

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Ben Platt

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